Monthly Archives: February 2016

Me and Mr Jones

It was a sad start to 2016 with the death of David Jones, better known of course as David Bowie. He was part of some of my most abiding memories growing up; those nights snogging with Vicky Hunter listening to ChangesOneBowie over and over again (I think our faces only parted when the record needed turning over). Watching The Man Who Fell to Earth for the first time late one Sunday night with my Dad and feeling a little uncomfortable when the naughty bits were on. Listening to David Live on my car stereo, the cassette on a constant loop for weeks. Bowie continued to be a part of my life through adolescence and into adulthood, I was in awe of the man. Much has been written about the master of reinvention in the last month, Blackstar has been a regular spotify favourite of mine and the World has been a much better place with David Bowie in it.

During each year throughout December and January public and private organizations from Government think tanks to charities, banks and silicon valley tech giants release their predictions for the year ahead. From time to time some of these predictions are insightful and and can help us plan ahead, sometimes not. David Bowie was an extraordinary man but predicting the power of the internet in this 1999 video was just genius. Goodbye Mr Jones, you’ll be with me always.